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Peterson • Bradford • Burkwitz

One of the premier law firms serving clients from Bakersfield to San Diego for decades, has seen a rich history of celebrated legal advocacy and growth. In 2011, founding partners George E. Peterson and Thomas R. Bradford began an exciting new chapter in the firm’s expansion with the addition of partner Avi A. Burkwitz.
  • George Peterson is a true officer and gentleman. Honest and a man of superior character.

  • “From my first interaction with Avi Burkwitz, I just knew that he was the one I wanted to represent me.He was very straight forward, confident, reassuring, and informative. Most of all, he really seemed to care about the best interest of myself and my family. At the end, my family and I felt that we gained a friend. Thank you so much.”

  • “These attorneys are consummate, skilled professionals in every sense! They are very knowledgeable and relentless advocates for their clients.”

  • “You want Peterson •Bradford •Burkwitz on your side. They have extreme experience and dedicate themselves to help you. They have heart and passion and make you feel safe when you are in the middle of the storm.”

    D.F., D.D.S.
  • “I was very impressed by the firm’s thoroughness in pre-trial preparation and analysis of the factors of the case. Because of the depth of preparation and the skill displayed in addressing issues during trial, the firm was able to reach a successful conclusion, for which I am very grateful.”

  • “George – I was intimidated by the legal process and was very worried that the outcome would be grim. But after our first meeting, I was encouraged by your knowledge and confidence. Knowing that I had the help of an attorney like you made the process much more tolerable. In the end, I was completely satisfied with the favorable outcome you helped to reach. I am hugely appreciative of the hard work and competent defense by you and Richard. I would highly recommend your firm for any physicians involving in medical malpractice cases”

    H.S., M.D.
  • “George – I will never be able to express to you the profound impact your representation in this case had upon my spirit. I promise you that I will always be the doctor you made the jury believe I was. I also find that the experience with the trial and the jury, has made me more caring and thoughtful with people I meet in everyday life and less judgmental. I have the greatest respect for those members of the jury who supported me through the convolutions of this case, and I shall never forget them”

    J.F.C., M.D.
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