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Among Peterson · Bradford · Burkwitz’s strengths are its many years of experience in such diverse practice areas as defending clients in cases of elder abuse, products liability and business litigation.  The larger the enterprise involved, the greater the possibility of being targeted at some time for abuse, negligence, faulty workmanship or other claims.  However, even smaller businesses can benefit from Peterson · Bradford · Burkwitz’s expertise in equitably handling these kinds of cases.

Elder Care

Elder care is one of the most regulated and scrutinized industries in the United States. Peterson · Bradford · Burkwitz is both knowledgeable and appreciative of the unique issues faced by elder care facility owners and management companies. Our experienced attorneys leave little to chance and thoroughly study medical treatment and caregiver records to delve into the issues at hand, counsel management and care staff, and mount an appropriate defense, when needed.

Business Litigation

Whether a business is large or small, Peterson · Bradford · Burkwitz attorneys treat each client, each case, as a priority, investing as much time as necessary to understand the nature of the client’s business. Further, our attorneys build productive, professional relationships with the business owners, executives, managers, internal counsel, and other decision makers to help ensure we cover all of the bases and gain a complete grasp of the technical and legal aspects of each case.

Products Liability

From time to time, manufacturers or suppliers of goods to the public or other companies are charged with injury claims presumably due to defects in product design, materials, and/or workmanship. Peterson · Bradford · Burkwitz attorneys are skilled in product defense and prepared to deliver prompt, vigorous representation when product liability and warranty lawsuits attack the integrity and reputation of a manufacturer, distributor or retailer. We work closely with defendant management, designers, engineers, in-house attorneys, suppliers, and other experts to affect the fastest possible resolution and favorable conclusion.

Peterson · Bradford · Burkwitz brings years of experience in working with clients representing a broad spectrum of industries, including manufacturing, technology, construction, transportation, consumer goods, advertising, marketing, retail, and service.  From small, closely-held, private firms to publically-traded companies to subsidiaries of larger corporations, we provide the depth of knowledge to cost-effectively resolve legal issues with all due speed.  Through mediation, arbitration or trial, Peterson · Bradford · Burkwitz is a formidable advocate when it comes to a variety of practice areas, including elder abuse, products liability or business litigation.  Contact Peterson · Bradford · Burkwitz now.

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