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Legal Malpractice and State Bar Disciplinary Matters

Every attorney has a legal obligation to adhere to a strict code of ethics when dealing with clients.  If, however, a client believes their lawyer did not act in their best interests or failed to appropriately represent them, a legal malpractice lawsuit could result.  It could also lead to disciplinary action.  Two of the specialty areas at Peterson, Bradford, Burkwitz, Gregorio, Burkwitz & Su are the defense of those sued for legal malpractice and facing potential disciplinary action by the State Bar of California.

George E. Peterson and Thomas R. Bradford, principals of Peterson, Bradford, Burkwitz, Gregorio, Burkwitz & Su, have successful records of litigation on behalf of lawyers charged with all forms of legal malpractice, including defending against claims of negligent errors, misconduct, dishonesty, lack of client communication, inappropriate handling of the client relationship, and failure to provide adequate client counsel, filings or accounting.

Further, the State Bar is very active in pursuing disciplinary action against lawyers, which could have potentially serious consequences.  Lawyers in these situations must have experienced advocates in their corners.  Peterson, Bradford, Burkwitz, Gregorio, Burkwitz & Su has successfully defended such matters before the State Bar Court.

The firm also handles third party tort cases, alleging malicious prosecution, abuse of process, defamation, and other claims based on the manner in which the attorney represented his or her client.

Peterson, Bradford, Burkwitz, Gregorio, Burkwitz & Su fully understands the challenges that lawyers face when sued or facing disciplinary action.  Our firm works quickly, thoroughly and cost-effectively to resolve these matters with the best possible outcome.

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