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Medical, dental, and other professional liability claims of malpractice can be a nightmare for those being charged with negligence.  Malpractice can also be very costly to defend, therefore, it is extremely important to work with a law firm such as Peterson · Bradford · Burkwitz that knows the ins and outs of malpractice litigation and has your interests in mind.

Peterson · Bradford · Burkwitz has represented over 600 clients in this arena and has distinguished itself in the legal profession throughout California in cost-effectively litigating malpractice lawsuits.  Specializing in medical and dental malpractice, Peterson · Bradford · Burkwitz defends individual doctors and dentists, hospitals, and medical and dental centers.  Over the years, the firm has successfully defended hundreds of malpractice lawsuits and crafted favorable settlements in other cases.

Medical and dental malpractice claims can arise when patients suffer injury or death due to perceived negligence by a health care provider or dentist.  Usually, the claims are measured against accepted standards of practice in the medical or dental community and can often involve extremely sensitive and complex issues.  Defending such cases is highly specialized, encompassing a thorough knowledge of the law and medical and dental practices.

The Peterson · Bradford · Burkwitz team stays current on all aspects of malpractice law, maintaining active memberships in national defense organizations and often serving as instructors for continuing legal education programs on the subject.  Many of our attorneys have actually worked in medical and dental fields, which give them a uniquely informed perspective to better serve our clients.

When we defend a malpractice claim, our skilled attorneys work closely with our clients every step of the way, being sensitive to the impact the process may have on both our clients’ personal and professional lives.  We also have strong working relationships with preeminent medical experts throughout the state, which can be critical, as so many cases can turn on their testimony.

Our record speaks for itself and our highly experienced staff of trial attorneys and associates speaks for our clients.  Medical and dental malpractice claims can be resolved with relative speed, which can keep costs down and peace of mind high.

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